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Press freedom concerns us all – but especially the thousands of media professionals in USA, Europe. Without the work of their colleagues all around the world it would also be hard for newspapers, radio, TV and news agencies to report on the events in many countries around the world.

At the moment, journalists in USA, Europe feel constrained by time and quota pressure. Many show with their daily work, that independent and high quality journalism is important to them.

In other countries, colleagues have to pay for their work with prison sentences or even their lives.

Show solidarity with your colleagues around the world!

  • Become a Member of Reporters without Borders and campaign for the freedom of press!
  • Let the threats to press freedom in the entire world and the situation of colleagues in other countries be the main subject of your work!
  • Donate a part of your salary for press freedom!

ggasgs-300x178With your donation, we enable a reporter to have access to internet and telephone, to be able to continue reporting about the situation in his or her country.

With your donation we enable a journalist in exile to attend a language course.

If a journalist is imprisoned, we care for legal representation with the help of your donation.

With your donation we support journalists that were assaulted and injured as a result of their work.

Donation Tip:

Regular donations help us to plan our work better.