Discount for journalists

15, 20, 30… or up to 100 percent: top press discounts for journalists with a press pass / press card.

Journalists are provided with a special tool for the execution of their duties – the press pass. However, the press pass / press card grants further advantages in the form of special discounts offered by companies and organizations. They can benefit from numerous advantages with just one e-mail or a phone call.

With the press card /press pass from they save their money.

Nowadays that everyday life is becoming more and more expensive, it’s worth taking a look at the database which makes life cheaper through discounts. Why should one not take the advantage of a special offer for press pass holders? Many enterprises know about journalists’ benefits and therefore grant them special privileges. Whether press discounts, special press fares, and also free offers with which journalists are given preferential treatment, one can also find some specially compiled pages. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about the latest press discounts.

The offers for press representatives are broadly diversified. You can find some examples as detailed below:

– In the travel industry, you can profit from free research and press trips under certain conditions to discounts for larger tour operators or even for small hotel chains worldwide.

– Telecommunications companies often offer special rates and privileges, even if they receive favorable internet rates or their new phones come with better conditions.

– Car manufacturers offer percentages off your vehicle’s sale. They can even book test vehicles. Most auto manufacturers offer, often seasonal, special journalist rates for leasing. When ordering auto accessories, many companies often also offer special rebates for press card / press pass owners.

– Self-Banking and insurance companies often offer some deals for press workers.

– In museums, parks and at many attractions, they get free entry with their press passes, often for a guest too.

– They can apply for accreditation with their new press card at trade shows, press conferences, and many other events.

– Service providers, online dealers, and Internet traders often provide cheap press discounts on demand.

– For electronics manufacturers, even with computers and the appropriate software or devices from the consumer electronics – almost all companies provide press discounts, journalists rates, or reductions.

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