Questions and answers

Questions and answers about the press card

Can anybody really order a press card here?
Yes but you must be able to work for the press.

That could include be our photo agency McPaparazzi!

We are always looking for new photographers and photos of celebrities, but that is not a requirement to request a press card from us!
All press photographers, photojournalists, journalists, editors, reporters, writers, directors, cinematographers, film critics, press agents, trainees, freelancers, editorial bloggers, correspondents, information services, editorial offices, volunteers and students can order a press card from us!

And brand new Youtubers and bloggers!

Is this a real press card?

You get a real, official international press card from pixon press, McPaparazzi and their partners which can be used internationally!

Is this legal?

Anyone can order this press card, buy it, keep it and show it. You don’t need to hide the card and can even show it to the police if you want to. Regardless of whether you are really a “journalist” or not.

What is the purpose of a press card?

The purpose of a press card is to present oneself as a journalist to authorities, companies or agencies. This is intended to ensure that the journalist can investigate freely. Since firms and companies know the influence of journalists, they want this them to have on their side. Therefore, many companies offer their journalists generous press rebates.

What is the purpose of

So far it has only been possible for journalists to obtain a press pass by becoming members of an association. These associations can charge high membership fees- but the actual value of membership is a matter of opinion. Secondly, these associations still have a very conservative outlook and do not recognize bloggers, website owners and other people who are active in modern media, as journalists.
thus pixon press, McPaparazzi offers all individuals the opportunity to obtain a press pass at a reasonable price and make use of it.

What is the legal situation?

In contrast to “doctor” or “lawyer”, “journalist” is not a protected job title. That means: if you so much as call yourself “doctor” (without being one), no matter to whom, you’ve already committed a criminal offense. The title “journalist”, however, is not subject to protection – anybody can use it. If they do not actually work as a journalist, they have “lied”. However, a lie in itself does not violate any law. You are already engaged in journalistic activity if you meet are involved in one of the following:

Search for exhibitions and events
Report on concerts
Photography of events or for media and you can sell these photos to McPaparazzi
Write blog articles
Write reviews for products or services
Write articles on Facebook or Twitter …
It does not matter whether you do this full time, part time, often, rarely, on the Internet, in a newspaper with a large circulation, in one with a small circulation or in any form whatsoever.

How should I use the card?

1. Look on the internet at what companies offer discounts for the press. This includes almost all the major companies:
Press Discounts

2a Contact the Company by email (or in the specified way) and write that you have heard of the generous offer for journalists and would like to take it up.

2b Show the card on site (in cinemas, amusement parks, music events, …) and ask whether there are special conditions for journalists – you can then get mostly free admission or admission to VIP areas.

3. Tell them honestly if you are planning to report on the product/the event. You do not need to – you get the discounts/free admission anyway. Therefore be honest.

4. Enjoy the discount/free entry/access to the VIP area and think about whether you should mention it in your blog/Facebook/Twitter or any other appropriate medium.